The royal tombs of the Scythians.

Well, today I had no tour…mid-winter like this it does happen, especially city tours, the full-day trips usually go, it’s just the two hour ones that for some reaon, people don’t turn up for if it’s cold.  Then again, my last city tour, on saturday, had a good size group…so go figure.

Anyways, yesterday Petra and I decided to go down to a special exhibit showing the royal tombs of the Scythians…whom we had never really heard of, which is interesting in itself.  If you are going to be in Munich in the next week, I HIGHLY recommend going to this exhibit, it was absolutely fascinating and I am very glad I went. Here’s the wiki article on the scythians.  Unfortunately they don’t allow cameras in there, so I don’t have any pictures for you.  I’d also like to point out they have a full mummy where you can even clearly see the tattoos.  Very disturbing and cool at the same time.

3 thoughts on “The royal tombs of the Scythians.

  1. J.G.

    The wiki article is quite fascinating. I wonder what will be left of the American civilization in 3000-4000 years. Hopefully such documents as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence will be remembered, even after the originals crumble to dust. I hope that we leave behind more than trinkets. Although, the golden artifacts in that article are quite beautiful. It is too bad that museums do not allow cameras…

  2. NOFXmike Post author

    Yeah…if there’s ever an exhibit like this in the area, I’d definitely check it out. It was similar to most ancient civilizations, though, where most of the “important” graves had been robbed over a hundred years ago.

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