Monthly Archives: July 2010

Back to business, summer tours

Hi everybody, sorry for the long delay (again), this time it was mainly due to our vacation to the states.  It was nearly 4 years since the last time we were there.  We had a great time, I just wish we had more time…several people I meant to get back to at the wedding I never actually did…and that really sucks.  Just not enough time…still, it was a lot of fun and I had my first “real” summer in years…since Germany never actually achieves summer weather.

Speaking of summer in Germany, the last week of tours have been damn busy, but all good (ok, maybe not so much Saturday as it was pouring rain…and quite awkward with the 2nd guide).  The bus drivers have been extremely nice to us down at Neuschwanstein this year…and well…I’ve been working pretty constant since I got back so I can’t complain too much.

Anyways, I had a real update planned, but thought I’d just post something to fill the gap.