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Spring is in the air! Salzburg was beautiful on Saturday

I had a tiny group the other day in Salzburg. During the tour around town, EVERYONE (even the Brazilians) took their jackets off and I was even overheating. After the hour 1/2 around with them I decided to go around and take a few pictures before finding a bench, soaking up the sun, and reading. Spring must have really hit because a week ago I wouldn’t have even considered for a second spending the full 3 hours OUTSIDE…I freeze too easily.

Anyways, here are the pics I took:

The Do Re Mi steps…

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I swear my finger’s broken again, and other news.

This post is basically just to say that we’re back from Dresden & Leipzig, had a great time, saw what we wanted to see, and I’m back home in Munich. Today I had a tour to Neuschwanstein…decent weather, but not sunny. Spring breakers seem to be coming in hordes & tons of chinese lately. More later.

Oh, and my finger hurts like hell, I have no idea why.

A weekend in Dresden, maybe a day in Leipzig

Well, yesterday I had my last tour for the week and now I have a whole week off. Petra and I are going up to Dresden for a few days and maybe to Leipzig too…still working that out. According to my trusty Fodor’s book, there doesn’t appear to be that much in Dresden (or Leipzig for that matter), so we might be able to fit everything into just a couple days…but I’ll have the full run-down of what we saw when I’m back next week.

Dresden and Leipzig have always been on the to-do list, but I’ve never had the budget of most of the people on my tours and so it’s one city at a time usually. Anyways, it’ll be a nice relaxing Saturday for sure, looking forward to the hot-tub!

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Salzburg in March 2009

I’ve taken a few pics randomly down in Salzburg…this first one is of Untersberg from the Europark shopping mall at the edge of town.

This second one is in the same direction, while I was waiting at the bus stop, heading back to meet up with my group.

The bus stop at Europark

Finally this last one is of a Smart car that they have in the mall right now. I had never actually sat in one and played around with all the features, so this gave me the chance. I’m about 6’2″, and that’s about as tall as you can be for this car, but was quite comfortable at my height…so should be good enough for most people. It feels like a go cart and the spedometer only goes to 140kph…so isn’t much faster than a go cart either.

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Salzburg, Neuschwanstein, and a lil bit of rain.

I’ve been mainly going back and forth between Neuschwanstein and Salzburg in the rain mixed randomly with a lil snow. When I go to Salzburg I’ve been doing the same thing every time which is visiting the mall (Europark) and I sit on one of the many benches reading for part of the time, then wander over to Nordsee and get a “Maxi-mix box” which is shrimp, fish, and potato wedges. It’s a great lunch for €4.45.

I’m not a big fan of winter and lately it’s really starting to annoy me that everyone on the tours seems to be a WAY over the top winter person (or they’re from Singapore and can’t help it, they’ve never seen snow). Not that we have much snow as it rains more often than snows throughout the winter here in Bavaria, but not everyone has dealt with real winters like a Minnesotan.

Anyone looking for a scanner? I’m giving away a visioneer 4400 USB scanner, 42-bit 600x1200dpi. I’ll post it on toytown later, but if you want it first, e-mail me.

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