I swear my finger’s broken again, and other news.

This post is basically just to say that we’re back from Dresden & Leipzig, had a great time, saw what we wanted to see, and I’m back home in Munich. Today I had a tour to Neuschwanstein…decent weather, but not sunny. Spring breakers seem to be coming in hordes & tons of chinese lately. More later.

Oh, and my finger hurts like hell, I have no idea why.

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  1. Carol @ iPentimento | Genealogy and History

    Hi Mike! Thanks for visiting my blog today and commenting for the genealogy book contest. If you are more interested in all things genealogical, you might join the Genea-bloggers on Facebook. You have to be invited, but I’m an administrator so I can do that if you want to send me your email address. I won’t share it or anything, promise. Hope you continue your interest in genealogy. It really is a lot of fun, isn’t it?


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