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I’ve had two visitors staying on the couch this month…now it’s back to the usual

Tour numbers have been going strong, I haven’t noticed anything with the recession, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Two friends have recently come to visit so I’ve been busy the whole month. Now, I’m pretty exhausted, but we’re entering the busiest time of the year as far as tours.

In the 2nd half of June I’m a bit worried about the train situation for Neuschwanstein, but I’m sure it will go over like it has every time there’s been work on the tracks, DB handle it quite well. I have been noticing a LOT of new bus drivers lately, though…which is disturbing.

Yesterday’s tour I had a few people from Nornthern Ireland, from very near where my friend Brendan is from…in fact one of them works in Brendan’s home town.

Last Saturday I was out at the HBhaus and the guy sitting across from me was from Albert Lea, MN…my home town. So it turns out he knows my dad…small world.

Our washing machine works again.

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Mashable Joobili

I’m constantly reading a website called Mashable which is news on social media.
You know, like my current favorite browser, Flock, or my trillian replacement which is 100x better than trillian ever was, called Digsby….or websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace.

Anyways, so the other day they reported on a great site related more directly to what I do. It’s called Joobili. It’s a cool idea where you select some dates and it gives you ideas of where you might want to go…
You can read the article on mashable here.

If you have some spare time for travel planning, I would definitely check it out. Joobili

Lots of odd things to check out on there.

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Viewing platform and pavillion in front of Neuscwhanstein “castle”

Last week I took a couple pictures of the new setup that’s been under construction for about a year now. Soon we’ll have a little pavillion, it looks like, with some information about the palace with pictures….plus a little viewing platform where I used to bring all my groups to take shots of the front of Neuschwanstein. Unfortunately, now it’ll be obvious to all and so won’t be a unique thing anymore for people that get dragged over there by me. It’s kind of sad, really.

Anyways, here’s a couple pics from last week:

Day of Bavarian Beer

On April 23rd, Saint George’s day, I had a city tour of Munich. St. George’s day also happens to be the day of bavarian beer…and so free beer flows from the beer fountain here in Munich.

That’s right, free beer. I had only a group of seven that day, but six out of seven came with me at the end of the tour to enjoy a free beer with me. We had a great time. In fact, I had several beers and made a couple German friends while I was there. They took my picture & were taking pics of themselves there too.

Anyways, here’s the pictures from April 23rd:

My most worthless post yet.

I’m just saying I’ll try to update later today. I’ve got Salzburg pics from last week…as well as a few others. Been to Neuschwanstein a lot lately, it’s been busy, but not overly so.

Soon my friend Minna will visit…and then Steve. Petra might got back to Hong Kong for a few weeks…and I might go over there for a couple weeks myself. Who knows.

Tequila? It’s not good with cereal, don’t even think it.

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