Monthly Archives: October 2009

It’s COLD in Munich (and all of Bavaria, really)

I ca’t believe how cold it is this Oktober. We had a beautifully warm Oktoberfest and then October hit and the temp went from highs of 75F to 40F. We’ve had snow down at Neuschwanstein (I hate it when there’s snow down there, kinda makes things miserable…and illegal to get to Mary’s bridge, which everyone WANTS to go to….so…it sucks). We don’t normally get this weather til at least late November.

Anyways, the tour numbers have finally dropped a little bit and that is a nice thing for me (not for the company, of course). The huge tours were starting to wear me down.

(by the way, these pictures were taken from where I was sitting while reading my book, I didn’t get up and compose the shots or anything…I just enjoy this view all the time)