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BMW museum FINALLY back!!

For anyone who has visited Munich in the last 4+ years and was hoping to see the BMW museum and only found out while you were here that it was under construction: it’s finally done.

Three days after it’s grand opening, I had a chance to go through it with my friends Flipper, Brooke, and Karen.
Personally, I thought it was better than I expected, though lots of walking up and down and could be just too much for those not used to walking as much as I am. However, I still had a great time at the museum.

It costs a bit more than I had hoped, 12 Euros for an adult. Anyways, it’s finally open, YAY.

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Sick again today, damn yesterday was miserable!

I had a Neuschwanstein tour yesterday…and since we REALLY need the money right now as expenses are seriously stacking up, I decided I would go for it. I have been sick for about a week now…though it really didn’t hit til last wednesday. Anyways, so I had to give away my tours for friday and Saturday, which is a big blow to the income…and then after a 3-day break in the action, I thought I would be OK. I was wrong.

So, today I got up at the crack of noon. I love tour guiding on days when things go smoothly, which is most of the time. In fact, yesterday everything went very well and the customers had a great time, I just felt like I was going to die the entire time. I’ll take a mental note not to do that again.

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Sick as a dog. …2 weeks til ze wedding

Well, as I’m writing this I feel like absolute crap. The last couple weeks I’ve been sneezing more than I have my entire life I think, and then this Monday I started noticing my throat hurting and my lungs burning…followed by a constant headache and running nose. SO, I’m doing well…umm…yeah.

Our house guests left on Wednesday, but I haven’t been back to work yet. Yesterday and today I should have been down at Neuschwanstein, I wish I could. The weather has even been nice….*sigh*.

Good news came last night of course, when Spain made it into the finals of the european soccer championship by beating Russia. Spain vs. germany for a final sounds good.

The last couple of weeks have flown by for me, though my visitors will note that we were doing 7-13 miles a day, every day. I uploaded the pictures to my photobucket account, anyone looking for the older pics from might find it rather hard as 10kegs was moved to a German server and I have yet to transfer anything over to it.

In other news, my mom and bro will be here in less than two weeks, and then we’ll have the wedding…which should be fun. Yesterday the city we’re getting married in even sent us a free cook book, which I though was pretty cute. *sigh* ….I should try to find if there’s a max amount of dayquil that I can take in a day…

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No Tours…cleaning house…

Well, since I’ve had a couple days without tours, it’s kinda relaxing around here…although that stops at 12:40pm tomorrow, when I pick up our three guests at the airport, probably greeting them by immediately grabbing some good ol’ bavarian beers.

I do have a couple of tours this week, however. I have a Neuschwanstein tour on Thursday and a city tour on Friday. I took the weekend off so we could feel the full experience of Munich’s 850th anniversary, which should be fun. The European Cup soccer championships are taking place right now, so far everything is going as expected…nothing exciting. I want Spain to win…I highly doubt that will actually happen, but then again, I have no idea who plays for Spain. All I know is I want Germany to lose but gets reasonably close.

So, have a good one everybody, it’s time for me to eat some watermelon.

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Break in the action

For the last 11 days I’ve been working every day mostly back and forth between Neuschwanstein and Salzburg. Tomorrow I only have a morning tour…and then I’ll have a break until Thursday, which feels great.

On Tuesday my good friends Flipper and Brooke will be here and so I’ll be giving more personal tours (if less professional). After the last couple of weeks, it feels just weird to have a few days off, but I’ll try to enjoy it. While I have visitors, it’s likely that I’ll be traveling with them all over Bavaria, to many places I haven’t been since the last time I had visitors…it’s been a while. It’s good because the more I go to these places, the better I get at them…and the more ideas I get for possible future tour day trips.

Here’s a pic of Flipper and Brooke’s last trip:

Busy with tours lately

If you’ve been on a recent tour of mine you probably didn’t notice it, but I’m damn tired lately. My good friend Flipper will be visiting very soon and so I’ve been trying to make the $$ while I can. For a tour guide, that means as many day trips as you can back-to-back. (salzburg, Neuschwanstein, salzburg, Neuschwanstein…) There have been some very enjoyable tours lately, though, so it’s been alright.

Also, remember, we’re trying to pay for a wedding, rings, the honeymoon, etc. …and so costs are high at the moment.

So far we have one confirmed person at our wedding (not counting my brother, my mom, and her mom). Could be small.