No Tours…cleaning house…

Well, since I’ve had a couple days without tours, it’s kinda relaxing around here…although that stops at 12:40pm tomorrow, when I pick up our three guests at the airport, probably greeting them by immediately grabbing some good ol’ bavarian beers.

I do have a couple of tours this week, however. I have a Neuschwanstein tour on Thursday and a city tour on Friday. I took the weekend off so we could feel the full experience of Munich’s 850th anniversary, which should be fun. The European Cup soccer championships are taking place right now, so far everything is going as expected…nothing exciting. I want Spain to win…I highly doubt that will actually happen, but then again, I have no idea who plays for Spain. All I know is I want Germany to lose but gets reasonably close.

So, have a good one everybody, it’s time for me to eat some watermelon.

[Listening to: Heresy, Hypocracy and Revenge – Good Riddance – Fat Music Volume IV – Life in (2:17)]

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