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It’s a tad bit hot, but at least people are listening to me at Neuschwanstein

As I mention on all my tours down to Neuschwanstein, there are three ways to get up there: walking, a horse and carriage, or the bus.

I highly recommend the bus and am very worried if at least 70% don’t head for the bus. Lately, it’s been more like 95%, which is how it really should be…and so I’ve been really happy because then the tourists are happy and not dying on me. In fact, I’ve taken the bus myself about 4 times in the last two months…particularly on the really hot days. Tomorrow it should be well over 80F and so I REALLY hope the same holds true tomorrow and nearly everyone…or…for my sake…everyone takes the bus.

Either way, I’ve got the Neuschwanstein tour for Saturday too…so I’ll probably end up walking it both times. Then again, I rubbed all four lion’s noses out in front of the Residenz today…so maybe…just maybe…

Anyways, planning for Paris needs to get done, so I’ll go back to that for now. I’ll have a Weihenstephan while I do that. Cheers.

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Wedding went great, back to tours

I don’t feel like a real update at the moment since I was up at 4:15am this morning dropping off my mom and brother at the airport…and I’m still quite out of it.

I’ll be doing regular tours pretty constantly again starting tomorrow though. My last tour was on monday, I had 38 people (plus mom and bro, so 41 total), and surprisingly it actually worked out quite well. Tomorrow, back at Neuschwanstein again, and since it’s truely the peak season right now, I expect at least 30 people, probably more like 35.

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Countdown to the wedding

A bit unrelated to tour guiding, but today my mom and brother arrive from Minnesota, so there will be another break in the tour action. Well, technically tomorrow morning I’ll have a city tour (which they’ll go on as well), but it should be raining, so I don’t expect a lot of people. After that, thursday I have no idea on, but the Friday events are already scheduled…and the same with Saturday of course…so not a whole lot to think about right now, it’s auto-pilot time…which is nice.

Here’s a picture of John the Baptist’s head on a plate, which is in Neuburg:

King Ludwig I’s Hall of Liberation at Kelheim

Continuing in the series of possible things to see as day trips from Munich, let’s look at the beautiful town of Kelheim’s “Hall of Liberation.”

This large monument was built as a memorial commemorating the victories of the Bavarian armies against Napolean in 1813-1815. More information on it here.

Ok, so Kelheim is about an hour 1/2 north of Munich, near Prunn castle and Rosenburg castle, so you could do all three in one day, no problem.

Here’s some pictures of the Hall of Liberation:

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As part of a series of places you could visit as a day trip from Munich, today I’d like to talk about Burghausen for a minute.

Burghausen is a town north of Salzburg, but on the Bavarian (German) side of the river. It has the longest castle in Europe and apparently gets very few tourists. The museum of the castle is owned by the Bavarian government and is included in any annual or 14-day pass for Bavarian palaces and castles.

Also in the castle is a seperate torture museum and city museum. All of the courtyards and walking paths around the castle are completely free and wonderful opportunities to explore an ancient castle.

I usually do Burghausen as part of a full day trip which also includes Fucking Austria (for the sign pictures) and Altötting (to see the Wittelsbach hearts & Tilly’s corpse). However, Burghausen alone is probably enough for most people.

I recently had another trip over there…and I believe it was one of the highlights of my friend’s visit to Bavaria, more so than anything in Munich. Here are some pictures of Burghausen: