It’s a tad bit hot, but at least people are listening to me at Neuschwanstein

As I mention on all my tours down to Neuschwanstein, there are three ways to get up there: walking, a horse and carriage, or the bus.

I highly recommend the bus and am very worried if at least 70% don’t head for the bus. Lately, it’s been more like 95%, which is how it really should be…and so I’ve been really happy because then the tourists are happy and not dying on me. In fact, I’ve taken the bus myself about 4 times in the last two months…particularly on the really hot days. Tomorrow it should be well over 80F and so I REALLY hope the same holds true tomorrow and nearly everyone…or…for my sake…everyone takes the bus.

Either way, I’ve got the Neuschwanstein tour for Saturday too…so I’ll probably end up walking it both times. Then again, I rubbed all four lion’s noses out in front of the Residenz today…so maybe…just maybe…

Anyways, planning for Paris needs to get done, so I’ll go back to that for now. I’ll have a Weihenstephan while I do that. Cheers.

[Listening to: Fun In The Dark – The Accelerators – Let’s Go Ghoulie-A Tribute To (1:32)]

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