Bus tour to Salzburg?

Yesterday was a new one.

Apparently the train we normally take to Salzburg literally is non-existant for a week or two, and so yesterday we took a bus instead. Despite years in this business, I’ve never done a bus tour, so it was weird…and nice. First of all, we had air conditioning, which is amazing for this country. Second, the bus driver was nice and it went very slick as far as the tour was concerned. Unforunately, to use the bus regularly, I’d need to find at least 30 people a day, and that’s just not possible. Also, groups of 30 in Salzburg really suck anyways, so I guess I’ll just be happy with the train-bus-bus-train method I normally use.

Today, on the other hand, I have to start the tour an hour late…which means after the walk around with me, they might only have about 2 hours in town…which I doubt is enough time, but I’m going to try skipping a couple of the lesser sights that they wouldn’t notice anyways, even if I do enjoy showing them normally.

*sigh* Anyways, doing the bus tour was fun. I better head over to Salzburg by train in like 5 min…

[Listening to: Let’s Go To The Moon – Teenage Bubblegums – Let’s Go Ghoulie-A Tribute To (2:19)]

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