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Munich’s central station all locked down

The Munich Oktoberfest is being quite disturbed by all the terror alerts.  Honestly, it’s a complete waste of time, if they wanted to attack, they would, JUST LET US DRINK OUR BEER WITHOUT A HASSLE.  Locking down the train station just makes for a hassle, that’s all…

*sigh* oh well…here’s some pics:

Munich's main train station, Wednesday morning...all locked up.
Munich's main train station, Wednesday evening, the doors that weren't locked up solid were half locked up and heavy security on the other half. Luckily, I don't look turkish.

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Lack of motivation

Hi everybody, as you can read from my twitter updates (which you can see on the left hand side of the site), I’ve been busy doing tours, visiting Washington DC and New York City, but I really should get back to the blog.

I went to the Oktoberfest today and so it’s not going to happen now, but soon  (Thursday?)  I’ll have all kinds of new pictures to show you.

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