Monthly Archives: June 2012

Private Tours

I’ve been doing a lot of private tours lately and I really need to change the text of my private tour section here.  Basically what I need to change is to scare away the crazy people.

1.  I can’t drive you around Bavaria as I don’t have a commercial driving license (and YES, that is required).  Some guides will do this, but it is breaking the law and really not worth it if they get caught.  I live in Germany, a very rule-abiding society…and that’s just how I roll.  I do have a German driver’s license, but that is irrelevant.

2. I don’t own a helicopter or a jet, it’s impossible to do all of that in one day.  What’s that?  Google says you can?  Okay, try it yourself and tell me how that went.  I once had a crazy tour leader from Stanford University who would not listen to reason…in the end they rented like 16 BMW’s to drive to Neuschwanstein because they said it’d be faster.  In the end it was a very tight schedule with a lot of illegal driving…they barely made their tour time inside the palace and they missed their dinner reservations in Munich.  All because they believed google over their local guide who has done it hundreds of times (literally).

3.  Mainly for private tours I do Munich city tours, by foot, which can be tailored to whatever length you want or day trips by public transportation.  If not on foot, public transportation REALLY is the way to go.

I dunno…I just ran out of steam, noticed the time, and I gotta go to work.  I’m heading down to Neuschwanstein again today.  should be a high of 66 with a 30% chance of rain…HMMM…

Current price for walking tours of the city: €120 for a standard 3-hour tour.  Free if you are a member of a band I love.  (good luck with that one)

Neuschwanstein track repair…

The track works between Munich and Neuschwanstein end on Wednesday….it’s been fun watching the tourists struggle, but that’s over….thank god. I’ve got a massive group today, but it’s nearly summer so I suppose it’snormal.

Planning the trip to NYC tomorrow

It appears my photo-uploading abilities on here have hit a hitch…working on a work-around.  There should be photos below…I’ll fix it this week…

Summer Tours

Summer?  okay, it’s not quite summer yet, but we’ve certainly had weather as if it were summer (for Munich).

This month looks like a busy one…I’ll be going back and forth between Neuschwanstein and Herrenchiemsee mainly, at least according to the schedule.  I’ll probably throw in some Munich city tours of course.

This week we’re going to a Jupiter Jones concert…next week we’ll go to Lagwagon….then Flogging Molly…then…

Seven weeks or so until our vacation.  If anyone needs a tour in late July or the first 3/4 of August…sorry, I’m out of the country.