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Google Sightseeing

I use google maps all the time. The idea of google sightseeing is entertaining at least in a passive sense. As long as I don’t have to search out new ideas for what to look at and can just look at the RSS reader every once in a while and go “oh, that’s interesting…”, then I’m happy.

I was looking at it recently and noticed the “top 10 rudest place names in Britain”. Now, I’ve never been to any of those, but at the bottom it mentions a place a little closer to home. It links to an older article on Fucking, Austria.

As many of you may know, I’ve been there a few times now when we’ve had guests, and think it’s a wonderful photo opportunity. We usually do Burghausen, Fucking, and Alt√∂tting in one day, it’s a great day trip (you need a car to do it).
Anyways, here’s a few pictures from our trips there:

My brother, Petra, and I:

no more Fucking, Austria *sniffle*:

(sorry if you’re easily offended, it’s supposed to be funny)

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Mid-winter tours

Yesterday I had a decent size group to Salzburg and today I had a good size group to Neuschwanstein, so the numbers are looking good lately. As with everybody these days, we’re worried a little bit by competition which isn’t even in the same league as far as value and knowledge.¬† The word free is not always a good thing.

Anyways, today there was a bump in the road when the train came in 10 minutes late so that the bus wasn’t there…and we missed the connection. However, we managed to get a bus to take us there only 30 minutes late, so it worked out, just not nearly as smooth as I’d like. I have mixed feelings about today’s tour, it was good and bad. I really enjoyed explaining modern German history to a guy from Singapore, he had good questions, but wasn’t able to stump me. The canadian guy sitting nearby complimented me on how well I explained things…apparently he is studying history at University and thought I did well…good to hear. I enjoy talking about history and explaining these things…it helps me get through the day sometimes.

Tomorrow I’ve got an easy day with just a Munich Highlights walk. I think I’ll have the Singaporeans again.

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