As part of a series of places you could visit as a day trip from Munich, today I’d like to talk about Burghausen for a minute.

Burghausen is a town north of Salzburg, but on the Bavarian (German) side of the river. It has the longest castle in Europe and apparently gets very few tourists. The museum of the castle is owned by the Bavarian government and is included in any annual or 14-day pass for Bavarian palaces and castles.

Also in the castle is a seperate torture museum and city museum. All of the courtyards and walking paths around the castle are completely free and wonderful opportunities to explore an ancient castle.

I usually do Burghausen as part of a full day trip which also includes Fucking Austria (for the sign pictures) and Altötting (to see the Wittelsbach hearts & Tilly’s corpse). However, Burghausen alone is probably enough for most people.

I recently had another trip over there…and I believe it was one of the highlights of my friend’s visit to Bavaria, more so than anything in Munich. Here are some pictures of Burghausen:

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  1. Hether Bailey

    I was looking up information on Neuschwanstein and came across your site! Thank goodness! I am in a weird situation.. My husband and I are in the army stationed in Germany! I am currently deployed in Iraq and I am coming home for 18 days around the end of July. We wanted to take photos near the 2 castles… in my wedding dress and his tux for our vow renewal pictures.. It sounds geeky…We are from Orlando, FL and I fell in love with the Disney castle. We visited the two castles in January, and I fell in love with this one! It’s so beautiful!
    I saw you were a tour guide there and maybe we could set up a tour with you and get some more information on the photos.. If that’s possible.. I know Hoenschwangouh offers wedding ceremonies on that castle, but it didn’t say anything about the other castle. I’ve researched non stop for the past few nights and no luck! Sorry to leave a novel in your comments! You can contact me @ sweetestsin9004@aol.com or my husband @ Qukslvr4@aol.com. Thank you for your time!

    -Heather Bailey


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