Mashable Joobili

I’m constantly reading a website called Mashable which is news on social media.
You know, like my current favorite browser, Flock, or my trillian replacement which is 100x better than trillian ever was, called Digsby….or websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace.

Anyways, so the other day they reported on a great site related more directly to what I do. It’s called Joobili. It’s a cool idea where you select some dates and it gives you ideas of where you might want to go…
You can read the article on mashable here.

If you have some spare time for travel planning, I would definitely check it out. Joobili

Lots of odd things to check out on there.

[Listening to: knowledge – green day – 1039- smoothed out slappy hour (2:20)]

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