Yay, I had my first tour of the year…and we have little Axolotls

It was a weird tour, but at least it actually happened unlike the Salzburg tour the day before.  There is snow down at Neuschwanstein, but very little.  It was pretty warm and an overall pleasant day, it just seems really long when you’re out of practice because of a break like the holidays.

 As many of you know, we have these Mexican amphibians known as axolotls.  They look like this:

Axolotls:  Murphy & Lurchy

They were quite young then, but today they are apparently old enough to have young ones today, as last week we noticed Murphy was laying eggs! (until then, we still weren’t sure if she was a girl)

Here’s a pic of the eggs:

Axolotl eggs

Axolotl eggs

of course if we don’t rescue them, their parents will eat them…apparently similar to polar bears in Nürnberg.

2 thoughts on “Yay, I had my first tour of the year…and we have little Axolotls

  1. J.G.

    Cool pets! I’ll have to say, I prefer my cacti, though. I can forget about them for months and they don’t die. Say that reminds me… they’re looking a little dry.

  2. NOFXmike Post author

    Thanks…yeah, we can only leave these guys about 3 days, maybe 4…then we need someone to come in and feed’em. Normally they get fed about every other day.


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