My first tour of the year…canceled.

There was one girl there and one other booked…but hell, I can’t go with one person.  Oh well, tomorrow I’ve got Neuschwanstein and that tour is for sure going, so that sounds good.

The weather has been quite nice lately, at the moment it is sunny and about 45F, which ain’t that bad in my opinion (considering the time of year and what Minnesota is usually this time of year).

We had a bottle of Nymphenburg Sekt (German sparkling wine) last night…they have two kinds, gold and crystal.  I noticed nearly no difference, though for some reason I like crystal I think.  Maybe it requires more taste-tests.

Yesterday I decided on home improvement.  I literally destroyed a cabinet:



…and why would I do such a thing?  to move our old 19″ TV into the bedroom with one of the DVD players, of course.   Anyways, I was impressed with myself.  Next project: picture frames…gotta do something with those no-tour days.

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