Daily Archives: January 3, 2008


Have any of you ever been to Paris?

Every year Petra and I try to make at least one big trip, this year we have selected Paris.  We think it’s fitting seeing as Rome is the sister city of Paris and we had Rome as our 2007 choice.  We just bought our Fodor’s France for the trip, haven’t gotten it yet, we bought it off of Amazon as that’s the cheapest…and usually damn fast as well.  Why Fodor’s, you ask?  because from my experience (and yes, I believe I’ve read all the guide books on Germany at least…fairly extensively…extremely extensively on Bavaria)  Fodor’s is the best.  I can’t wait to start planning.

If you’ve been to Paris and you have any tips you think might be helpful, e-mail me!  nofxmike [at] gmail.com Thanks!

Cosmotourist, NYE, Christmas, and Tequila

I like that title.  Anyways, it looks like only a couple of you actually care enough to take 2-3 minutes out of your busy schedules to help a guy out to the tune of $400.  With 2 days left of the cosmotourist contest, I’m still ~5 short of winning 3rd, which would still be $80…but well…I don’t see those 5+ people actually appearing except in my dreams.

New Year’s Eve this year was quite different, we decided to stay at home.  We have an apartment on the 4th floor that has a great view for watching fireworks on NYE.  For those who don’t know, the entire country looks like a major war zone for a few hours in the early morning hours every year on NYE.  It’s the only time they’re legal and it is absolutely dangerous as all hell.  Good times.

Here’s what we used to blow crap up:

Our NYE fireworks

Of course I might as well mention Christmas too, we had a good Christmas.  We didn’t have any snow on Christmas, and just to clear this up for any tourists reading this:  I have spent a total of 6 Christmases in Germany and have NEVER had snow here during Christmas.

Now it’s time to get to that Tequila…tours for me start up again January 8th, when I head back over to Salzburg, followed the next day by Neuschwanstein.