Dead Air

Hey everybody. It’s been a while since I typed anything, really. Technically that’s not true, I wrote a review for a CD for a friend’s website that you could read here.

Other than that, on nearly every tour in the last couple weeks I’ve thought “oh, I should mention those two crazy Australian guys that were on my tour today”, or “oh, I should mention how that Stanford University group did with the 7 BMW’s and stopping at Andechs along the way.” …but the fact remains that when I got home, I thought “oh…tomorrow I’ll do that.” Sorry for dropping the ball there.

Yesterday Petra and I spent a day out at our favorite waterpark for adults only/spa type thingy. It was wonderful as usual. The day before we spent the day spending money, or so it seemed. We went to the Wies’n (Oktoberfest) for lunch, bought Petra an mp3 player, bought myself some pants, and went to an art museum which has an exhibit on how Walt Disney relates to European Art.
The exhibit was, like the last exhibit we saw there, quite expensive but very well done. We were happy to see Destino there, which we had never heard of before the exhibit….and overall we happy we saw it. Some of you may recall the last time we visited the hypo-kunsthalle last January.

Anyways, tours for the most part have been going rather normal, meeting nice people and having a few beers along the way.

[Listening to: This Wal-Mart Life – Star Fucking Hipsters – Until Were Dead (2:25)]

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