Touring Neuschwanstein the difficult route

Well, for years I’ve been doing tours to Neuschwanstein, always by train/bus. Yes, Petra and I have driven down there a few times also, but by far I’ve found it the easiest to go by train. Friday, I’ll be doing a tour with seven cars down to Neuschwanstein and even less time than I normally have…which is a major concern. Cross your fingers for me.

In other news, train works have been a lot of fun recently. For Neuschwanstein I’ve been impressed that despite doing the train, train, bus, bus, (optional bus), bus, bus, train route to Hohenschwangau and back, it’s worked quite slick and we actually get to Hohenschwangau 5 minutes faster than normal and back to Munich exactly on time. Weird how these Germans work.

Salzburg is a little different, the train we want to take physically isn’t going at the moment, so the tour has been delayed until an hour later. This means an hour less in Salzburg, but everyone seems to be fine with it and I’ve had happy customers.

Both of the train problems stop about the 15th or 16th (gotta check on that…it’s coming up…hmmm)

[Listening to: On the Ave. – Pinhead Gunpowder – West Side Highway VLS (2:43)]

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