No tours for a week!

That’s right everybody, I’ve got no tours for a week!  Last week I was sick…and I still am, just not as bad I think.  Sunday I had a Salzburg tour & I dragged Petra along to join in my misery…not that it was a bad day, it was absolutely beautiful weather…and I only had 6 people on the tour.  (a couple from Houston, 3 guys from Atlanta, and one lady from NY…well, mostly Miami…well…currently lives in Atlanta, do I want her life story?  no thanks…she’s way too ditzy to be interesting)….anyways….

So yeah, I nearly collapsed mid-day on Sunday, but the tour went well…even had pretty good tips.  We had lunch at the Augustiner Salzburg, which is far superior imo to Munich’s Augustiner…which shouldn’t even be compared as they have no relation.

Last night we went to the Oktoberfest, which was well…good fun, but I need to eat more before we get stuck at a table…unfortunately we were in a group, so I didn’t have much choice.

I should be adding pictures and a bit more this week despite not having any tours….because we’re doing touristy things ourselves.  For example, yesterday before the Oktoberfest outing we went over to Sealife….it was nice, for about an hour…luckily we had a buy one get one coupon, so we didn’t pay full price…

Coming up this week we plan on spending a day at the spa…and probably have a day in a salt mine too.  We may stop over to the Oktoberfest again for some food…but I doubt we’ll go back to get drunk and go on rollercoasters again!

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