Pictures and Saltmines

So, today is a nice…fairly sunny Saturday afternoon.  Odd.  Anyways, last night I uploaded some pictures…and, more importantly, figured out how to resize them on here so that it doesn’t completely fuck up the whole design of the page (it doesn’t look pretty with big pictures….trust me).

Yesterday we went to a salt mine down in Berchtesgaden, which we’ve been meaning to do for quite some damn time…but we finally made it.  It was a hellish day to drive…between the road construction and the pouring rain…it took us about an hour longer than it should have.  I posted all the pics we took on my photobucket page.  However, for any of you that are super-lazy, here’s a sample:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Also uploaded are pictures from the Wies’n this year, which we went to on Monday.  We met up with some of Petra’s colleagues and got our drink on.  We were out in the beer garden just outside of a tent, but it was a beautiful day.  Most of this week it’s been quite miserable for weather…so that worked out well.  We also went on one of the big rollercoasters at the O’fest….and I was fairly drunk, so it was nice that it worked out *cough*.   Speaking of coughing, I’m still sick, been coughing to beat hell lately.

That being said, I’ve got a Berliner Kindl mit Schuss in die fridge…hmm…it may be calling my name.

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