Daily Archives: September 14, 2007

Damn, I think I’m sick.

Well, I believe I have a sore throat/cough that could definately get worse, anyways.

Aside from that, I’ve had a couple of pretty good tours this week.  Today’s city tour was nice, I only had 6 people…so that’s always a good thing, well…not for the company, but for me.  All americans, but with one girl who’s been living in Munich for a few months.

On Wednesday I had a tour to Neuschwanstein that went great, nearly perfect….then yesterday I had, well…a half-way decent group, but one guy…who…well…was possibly the most annoying man I have ever met.  He was from Seattle…I’m gonna stay well away from Seattle for a while.  He just would NOT shut up…no matter what…his wife could have helped, but I think she was just happy that he had someone else to bore the shit out of. 

At this point I’m still playing with the features of the blog software that I’m using and am a bit unsure of how it’ll look….so any feedback could be useful.

The Wies’n starts in 8 days…here’s a pic of last year:
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So umm…I think my stomach is already hating me.