Day 65 of my sickness…

Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration.  However, it certainly feels like it.  In the last few days I have gotten a chance to catch Nick Lindman a few times to play an online game called Project Torque…which is free and kinda fun, I like racing games and this one is where you can play up to 8 people at a time from all over hell…so…well…I mentioned free, right?

Anyways, here’s the link to that:  Project Torque

I noticed the other day that I can’t put a larger picture in here without making this page look REALLY wrong…so I gotta figure out something with that, maybe I’ll have to re-size anything I want on here, which limits me quite a damn bit, because well…laziness does kick in at a certain point…that’s the point, typically.

I’ve been doing stats on my tours lately, actually typing them into excel that is and figuring out where all my tourists are from…I’m almost done with that, so I’ll have 6 months of data on there anyways.

The other day I had two canadians on my city tour, I was sicker than a dog…and I think they could tell, unfortunately.  So, well…they still had a good tour I think, but may have been worried that I’d die on’em. 

I’ve already called in about tomorrow…I thought last night that, ok, friday I’ll do another test on the system and go out there and see what I’m made out of….but today my chest hurts, I’m coughing like hell, and my nose started running again…it’s not as physically painful as it was a couple days ago, but…umm…getting people sick on their vacation probably isn’t a good thing either.

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