Still sick, I actually feel worse

Oh well, we can’t always be running around with dozens of people from all over the world without getting something from one of them (yeah, I’m blaming the tourists, they’re an easy target).

I should have had a Neschwanstein tour on Saturday…then a Salzburg tour today…but with my throat hurting, eyes burning, and nose running non-stop…I think I’d scare away the tourists, besides being in pain.  You know how it is when each and every joint in your body lets you know it’s there?  Yeah….lovely.

Looking at the weather forecast, I’ve been thinking of what I’m gonna wear with my lederhosen for oktoberfest, as it’ll be a tad bit nipply.  So the other day (ok, probably a week ago now) I was looking at a couple places that sold leather jackets that go with the lederhosen.  They appear to be around €70-80 for what I want.  I can use the jacket along with the lederhosen for tour guiding sometimes…so that’ll work.  I should wear my lederhosen a couple more times before it gets too cold.

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