Election coming soon, I hope you’ve already voted.

Had a couple tours recently, I’m no longer sick, though my nose hasn’t fully gotten the messege. Either way, I’m 95%, which according to many people, is about 45% better than your average tour guide.

I’ve got German class again tonight, which is down to just a couple of us…it moves too fast. I don’t think there’s any way AT ALL a complete newcomer to the German language could make it past lesson 3 at this pace, and if they made it to lesson 3 I’m impressed. Petra and I went over the first few lessons a lil bit yesterday and I think I’m better off scheduling time with Petra. The problem is, therefore, actually scheduling time for it rather than saying “oh, umm…not right now, in a couple hours…”…which means we’ll be too tired then and never mind.

It’s a good thing I still have my German book from Winona State, because it’s 50x better than the book that German schools use (they nearly all use the same books…which are horrible, imo).

The U.S. election is only a week away, so I’ve booked a spot at a big election night party for the night of the 4/5th…and plan on it being a long night. Even if everything goes my way, it’ll be AT LEAST 2am before the presidential election would be called, and much later for the Al Franken decision.

Anyone in Minnesota: VOTE FOR AL FRANKEN. Thank you.

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