Anyone a fan of playing RISK?

Tomorrow I have a Neuschwanstein tour, but today…another day off to recover from whatever sickness this is. Petra took half a day off yesterday because even she couldn’t work with how sick she felt…and she NEVER takes off sick. (which I don’t understand with an office job…)

Anyways, one of the things I’ve been doing lately is playing a game very similar to RISK, but online. The game’s called Conquerclub, and is better than RISK, as there are all kinds of maps and always people to play against. If anyone wants to play against me, here’s the link.

A lot of people have been adding me to Facebook recently…kinda odd. Especially since myspace has been rather quiet lately.

[Listening to: Louise – NOFX – Pump Up The Valuum (1:49)]

1 thought on “Anyone a fan of playing RISK?

  1. Mono

    The only thing I hate about the game is that if you attack with 10 armies against 3 armmies you should be guaranteed to win right? But I have lost all my guys from that scinario many times. maybe if you are a paid member yoru dice rolls are better. Anyways, don’t think I will join Facebook, barely using myspace. But did get a new bike for Claudia, need to fix the peddle though. Guess it wasn’t included. How cheap, how cheap indeed.


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