Munich votes for Obama

Last night was the official Democrats Abroad Munich primary vote…and with supposedly exactly 100 people turning up to vote.

 58 voted for Obama

41 voted for Clinton

1 for Edwards

Apparently, it was a much better turnout than any previous DA event in Munich, so that’s good news.  It turned into a party of course…and it was a damn good time.  I’m still recovering.

Earlier in the day I walked around Munich with a random Brazilian physiotherapist I happen to have run into.  Here’s some of the pics I took…as it was Fat Tuesday:

Fasching in Munich

Hof Brau fest hall

Fasching in Munich

2 thoughts on “Munich votes for Obama

  1. Jim McLaughlin

    Hey, is that second pic the 2nd floor of the Hoffbrau haus? In all the time I was in
    Munich, I never got a chance to see it. sniff, sniff

  2. NOFXmike Post author

    Yes it is, though that is a rock band playing there…mid-afternoon, it was kind of weird. The fest hall up there is pretty cool. Our third reich tours go up there…but I don’t regularly. It is sad that you didn’t go up there, though…there’s always a next time.


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