Daily Archives: February 21, 2008

Munich’s 850th

A few weeks ago I got the city’s list of planned events in Munich for this year.  This is an important year for Munich as the city celebrates 850 years since its founding.  The actual founding day is June 14th, and so that weekend will be the most obvious time to see the celebrations.  Previous years I’ve seen the city’s founding weekend have quite the party all around the downtown area, but this year I guess I’m expecting more.  It’s hard to tell if it really will be much more than usual, but even if it’s just the usual, it’s still a very good time to be around downtown Munich.  For example, you should expect a stage with various performers at Marienplatz as well as a large setup of some kind at Odeonsplatz…and various things all over in between.

Again, the weekend of the city’s founding celebration is June 14th-15th.  I think I’ll take that weekend off as I should have visitors at that time anyways.

 My next post will be on other events going on in 2008, hopefully coming to you tonight, but maybe tomorrow.  cheers.