Daily Archives: February 15, 2008

A day in Salzburg yesterday, today a private tour around Munich.

Tours are going alright lately, though I think I’m freezing. I shouldn’t be complaining as the alternative, Minnesota, is much worse.

However, after a few hours walking outside, it is a tad bit chilly. Yesterday I had a Salzburg tour with all Americans, which is odd. Even more odd is nearly all of them were from Los Angeles, although a couple were from South Carolina…and they even added me to their myspace.Speaking of myspace, I added a new spiffy banner thing to my myspace for this site…I think it’s looking good.

Anyways, the couple from South Carolina are visiting a friend who works for BMW (fairly common actually), so they took the opportunity to see a bit of Europe. This was their first trip to Europe, so I hope they enjoyed themselves, I think they liked it…but they wanted to go home after 10 days over here, which I don’t understand, haha.

Today I nearly froze to death, but it was a nice walk around town with a Chinese couple…including a beer at the HofBrauhaus half way through the tour, which always helps.