Windy as heck, but well…no tours this week

On Monday I had a Munich Highlights walk.  For those who haven’t taken my tours, what this means is that I take (typically) between 5 and 15 people around Munich for just over 2 hours.  My normal plan of attack is to general make a circle around the old town area of Munich (I won’t get into specifics because, well, that’s insider knowledge).  So I basically try to cover ~850 years of Munich and Bavarian history in that 2 hours.  So really, I do my best and depending on the group, it can be the best 2 hours of my day…as I really do enjoy talking about Munich’s history to anyone even slightly interested.

SO, Monday’s tour…well, only one woman showed up, which is typically a no tour, since our company policy states that we need at least two, because otherwise the company could lose a lot of €.  So she was paying 9 euro for the tour, I won’t say how much a personal tour is, but it’s a long ways off of 9 euro.  My boss happened to be in the office and offered her the personal tour for just 5 euros more, which she of course took because that’s how she had planned to start her day, and, well…who doesn’t like a personal tour?  ….so um, €13 is still a LONG WAYS from a personal tour rate, so she got a great deal, meanwhile I got paid more by having the tour go rather than not, so everyone’s happy.  (did that even make sense?)

 I sent out the “monthly e-mail” to family and friends today, so I’m kinda in rambling mode, sorry.

Last week I went to Salzburg twice, both times I spent the 3 hours in the middle of the day in a large shopping mall at the edge of town.  For those who haven’t been on the Salzburg tour, I take a group to Salzburg, we walk around for 1.5 hours, then they have 3 hours to go into all the places I talked about…meanwhile I usually read a book or whatever.  Then we meet back up and head for Munich.

SO, just to do something a bit different, the last two trips I hopped back on a bus and went to Europark, which is quite nice.  It has lots of restaurants, a couple bookstores, a large supermarket, a large electronics store, and free bathrooms *cough*.  Now, on to pictures…first off, here’s one of a 80,000 EURO TV. 

€80,000 TV? What the hell...

Here's the proof of the price

Here’s a pic of Untersberg from the mall entrance, on a crappy day:


…and here’s a recent pic from Neuschwanstein looking down at Hohenschwangau, this was last week, Nov. 5th 2007.

Looking down at Hohenscwhangau from Neuschwanstein

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