Sick again? crap…no…

My nose is running like you wouldn’t believe, but only out the one side.

 Anyways, I think I’m sick again, I believe this is already the 2nd time since I started this blog that I’m sick…that’s not good.  Well, it is more or less as far as tours are concerned that the tourist season is over.  I’m on the once or twice a week I have a tour thing at the moment, so I’ve been wandering around Munich with ~150 posters a day instead.  Oh well.

On a positive note, the tours that I have been getting have gone really well.  My last tour, on Saturday, was to Neuschwanstein.  I had people from 9 different countries on the tour…oh, wait, 10 countries.  Two of the guys who claimed to be American turned out to be Mexican…it took several hours to get that out of them.  However, that certainly explained why their English wasn’t perfect.  They were cool, we talked talked politics and agreed on about everything. (one was from Tijuana one L.A.  ….but neither were U.S. citizens, technically) (also I want to note I was asked to not include tour numbers anymore…so now you’re gonna have to guess based on the # of countries represented!)

I believe Petra and I will get our new computers either tomorrow or the next day, so that means a hell of a lot of work needs to be done to transfer data to the new HD, reformat my biggest current drive for Petra…and well…re-install every program.  I made a list of things I need to install immediately, it’s over 30 progs…then there’s gonna be random other ones that I’ll need to install whenever I get around to it of course *cough*.

 Check this out, I had a good laugh.

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