Top 5 best day-trips from Munich

This list is taken from showing various visitors around and personal experience with their reactions…as well as looking back at my own first-time experiences with these places.

(I’m NOT going to include Neuschwanstein or Salzburg, as those are the most common ones…and let’s face it, you’re gonna go there anyways)

1. Linderhof Palace, Ettal Monastery, and the Eibsee:  All three of these are easy to do in a day, and makes for one of the highlights of anyone’s visit to the area.  The down side is, you need a car.
Linderhof, Ludwig II's only completed palace
Ettal Monastery
Ettal Monastery (and awesome brewery)
the Eibsee, down by the Zugspitze
the Eibsee

2. Regensburg, including Walhalla:
Barely outside Regensburg:  Walhalla

3. Herrenchiemsee:
Petra and I @ Herrenchiemsee in 2003

4. Landshut, the ancient capital of Bavaria:
Trausnitz Castle

Trausnitz Castle, Landshut

5. Augsburg:
upstairs in the town hall, this is the golden, too.

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