Glimpses of Munich #5: Backstage

In order to fully experience any city one must take a look at its nightlife.   Although Munich has many clubs of various sorts, Munich’s Backstage is probably the best of its live music venues.  Founded in 1991 and having moved a few times, it remains a constant hot spot for good cheap beer and top punk, metal, hip hop, reggae, alternative, rock, electronic, and independent music from all over the world.

The reason I like to draw attention to the Backstage rather than other music venues such as the Feierwerk, Zenith, Tonhalle, Strom, or Optimolwerke is simple:  it is easy to get to, has an atmosphere like no other, and is extremely consistent.

The Backstage is multiple venues in one:  a small outdoor stage in the summer, a small two level room called the club, a medium sized venue called the hall, and the largest venue they call the werk.

Every summer the Backstage has a series of concerts known as the “free & easy festival.”  Although titled as a festival, it really is just a series of normal concerts which are completely free and absolutely ideal for the casual fan or non-committal friend.  2018’s lineup includes The Mahones, Helmet, Hatebreed, and Municipal Waste.

A map, as well as S-bahn, tram, and bus directions can be found here.

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