Notes from Munich

The high temperature yesterday (May 18th, 2010) was 48F.  Despite this, it seems half the damn town was wearing shorts.  I find that retarded.

Crowds at concerts in Germany want to drink beer and stare, dancing is not allowed.  Then again, if you try to dance, beer flies all over everyone else…I see that a lot too.

When will the bus company in Füssen learn that they need two buses MINIMUM, not maximum?

I know biking is extremely popular with tourists here in Munich, but I’ll never understand why.

I should look into being a professional photographer.  Weddings on weekends and keg parties during the week, with completely different hourly rates.

Our landlord now apparently has decided (after 8 weeks) that we don’t need cable and should just use DSL.  The cable company will pay for the complete installation and it would be an upgrade to the building, so this whole fiasco just pisses me off.

I’ll continue this another time, maybe I should get back to that Vienna rant.

[Listening to Ozzy Osbourne‘s album Prince Of Darkness (Box Set)]

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