Notes from Salzburg

Yesterday I could swear I saw a woman who is the human equivalent to the Chinese crested.

In the last year all the formerly free public toilets of Salzburg have become pay toilets.  I recommend going to the university or the mall if you need to go.

If you’re going to the Sudan, I’d go in the spring or autumn.

McDonalds French fries must have crack in them.

It’s interesting how American “formal wear” places that rent tuxes are unbelievably concerned about proper measurements, yet tux rental places here just glance at you, hand you a tux, and it fits perfect.  Do we have higher standards in the states?  Maybe, but I’m easy to please I guess.

If you’re going to Dubai, go in the winter.

Australians assume that you’ve never heard of their country, let alone their city.  When you insist that you’ve met around 2,000 people from their city, and know all about it anyways, they will still proceed to tell you exactly where it is and then continue about extreme basic geography of Australia.

South Africans honestly believe they’re completely set for the football world cup this June.  I’m not so certain.  The thing that may save them is that the numbers will be considerably less than we got here in Germany in 2006.

Everyone thinks Munich and Salzburg get huge amounts of snow and extreme weather, which is flat out not true.  In the last 6 Christmases, there has never been snow on the ground here.  (though 50 miles out, yes…about 1cm of it)

I wish Nokia would just release their damn N8 already, cause I want it.  Alternatively, I’d quite easily settle for Sony’s Vivaz if they would make an announcement that they’ll move to Symbian^3 when it’s released and also offer a mapping program where you can download the maps so that when you’re “roaming” you don’t have to go online to use your GPS navigation.

There is no smoking at the mall in Salzburg, so all the Austrians sit in the bathroom stalls to smoke, there is nearly never a stall open…but when there is, there will be several cigarette butts floating there.

The entire Salzburg train station is completely gutted at the moment.  According to the Austrian rail company, it’s not alone…10 of the biggest stations in the country are currently ripped apart.  Any bets on when this will end?  I’d put my money on 2011, but then they’ll just start on the next thing to annoy me.  Salzburg’s station was looking rather sad, though, I admit that.

Given a choice between a tip given in liquid or straight-up money, guides prefer money every time.

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