Midwinter snow/rain/snow/rain tango

Hi everybody, lately it’s been back and forth with a few days of tours then a few days off which is weird for the flow. The weather has been crappy in general with rain, then snow, then rain, then snow…and general misery. I know, I know…in Minnesota it’s been -40 (F = C at -40, so just shut it) at night lately compared to around 25F here, but raining just barely above freezing is rather miserable when you’re outside and walking around all day.

Salzburg tours have been good, Neuschwanstein tours have been good, and so everything is going well except for the weather. Of course the company would like higher numbers, but let’s face it…if the company could survive on tours of 5-12 people, all of the tour guides would be damn happy.

Here’s a few random pictures from January 2009

In Salzburg I needed some budget energy:

Last week in Salzburg wasn’t perfect, but for January, it was rather pleasant:

However, it would have been damn cold to just hang around with the tourists, so I hit the mall and stayed warm. There is a decent view of the castle from the mall, though:

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