Starkbierfest 2009

Last week the gang over at Toytown Munich decided to arrange their Oktoberfest seats, and completely sold out in under a week. This last year we had 80 seats for our group, this year we will have 100, and they’re already gone. Next year 120 sold out in 1 week? We’d need more organizers.

Anyways, that of course got me thinking of the best beer festival in Munich, which is Starkbierfest. Starkbier is strong beer. The beer is a roasted doppelbock amounting to about 7.5-8% alcohol. I love the taste of the stuff & you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy yourself if you get my drift.

The big one is at Paulaner am Nockerberg, which is basically the Paulaner brewery. This year’s dates are March 13 thru 29th. I’m there every year and if you’re planning on being anywhere NEAR Munich around that time, I suggest you head over to Paulaner. I hope the weather is CRAP during that time so it’ll be more fun than last year.

More beer everyone, more beer.

[Listening to: 19 – Four Deadly Venoms – Paint It Black – LG2008 (1:36)]

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