Nuremberg Christmas market & Nazi party rally grounds

On Sunday Petra and I went out to Nuremberg on my friend jason’s tour. He does regular tours of Nuremberg either as a day trip from Munich, or as a few hour tour if you’re already staying in Nuremberg. (he can meet you at the trainstation when the group comes in from Munich)

Although he’s been offering the tour for nearly a year now, I’ve been too busy to take his tour until just recently. That did give us an opportunity to see the famous Nuremberg christmas market too, though, which was an added incentive. I’ve been to many, many, MANY christmas markets though, and it was nothing to write home about.

The tour, however, was something to write home about. Jason does a wonderful job of being flexible about the tourists needs, he’s knowledgable about more than what he “needs” for the tour, and although it is a long day trip from Munich, you really do see some beautiful things and learn a lot of interesting history.

(there are two other guides that do the Nuremberg tour and I am confident that both of them have equally as good of tours, it’s just that I haven’t taken theirs so…I write about what I know)

Here’s some pictures:

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