Micro blogging and the professional tourist

As some of you may have noticed, there’s been a recent change to this website, the addition of micro blogging. For those not familiar with micro-blogging, what I do is I use a website (well, technically I use a program called digsby that accesses the site for me) called “twitter” which allows me to type what I’m doing at any given time with a maximum size of 140 characters, so rather than a lengthy blog post, it’s just simply what I’m doing.

SO, I type what I’m doing into twitter (through digsby) and then it appears on the left side of this blog in that little grey box. You can scroll through that grey box and find out what I’ve been up to in recent days if you want too…I think it’s a nice addition to the site.

 I would expect updates from twitter at least daily if I’m anywhere near internet access.

[Listening to: El vals del obrero – SKA-P – Live at Southside Festival 061 (5:01)]

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