Election night party in Munich

Obama won, Al Franken is still about 500 votes behind as of this writing according to the NY times & BBC.

This is the first president that I actually voted for that won…took long enough. The party was fun, I was glad to be there…but I’m still hoping Franken can pull through….so close.

Here’s some pictures from last night:

First, waiting for the action to start…(12:14am)

Later we got better seats for the real late-night action…(3:47am)

Here’s one of my friend Randy Caldwell checking out how things are looking at 4:59am

…and finally the moment we all were waiting for, 5am….this was taken just after…about 30 press flashes later (5:02am)

…and here’s Randy with his new t-shirt (5:09am)

[Listening to: God Bless the U.S.A. – Lee Greenwood – American Patriot (Remastered) (3:11)]

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