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Shopping in Munich, the OEZ

A lot of times people ask me where they should go shopping in Munich.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, then either the shops next to St. Peter’s church or the shops near the Hofbräuhaus are your answer.

If you’re looking for more general shopping (are you an Australian who didn’t realize what the temps can be in May or October?) then I would say the main pedestrian street between Karlsplatz and Marienplatz is the answer. It’s actually two street names (Neuhauser str. and Kaufinger str.), but it’s one street, you won’t notice the change. This street has it all as far as normal shopping is concerned and is no more expensive than if I sent you to the edge of town. This is where much of Munich does their shopping.

However, if you’re here in Munich during the winter and you’ve already done your sight seeing, but you want to shop in a heated environment, well, there are large in door shopping malls in Germany too. The biggest and easiest one to get to is called the OEZ (Olympia Einkauf Zentrum) and you can get there by taking the U-bahn (subway)…either the U1 (from the Hauptbahnhof, main station) or the U3 (from Marienplatz). It takes 15 minutes to get there, but is by anyone’s standards (remember I’m from near the Mall of America as well as the mall from the movie “Mallrats” which I used to go to as a kid) a pretty big mall. It’s open Monday through Saturday 9:30am-8pm.

Anyways, I got locked out of my apartment the other day, so I went over to the OEZ and spent what I usually spend at a mall, $0 and about an hour. I only took one picture, cause I wasn’t thinking…but anyways, it’s decorated for the christmas season as you’d expect.

happy shopping:

[Listening to: El Imperio Caera – Ska-P – Lagrimas Y Gozos (3:20)]

(lovin’ the Ska-P at the moment, they’re on tour now and will be in Munich in February, we already have our tickets)