Morning of “direct marketing”

As many of you know, when I first moved to Munich, before I started actually doing tours, I worked for a bike tour company and basically was their PR person to all those coming in at the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) in Munich. *sigh* thankfully, I’ve moved on from those days. The work isn’t bad, it’s just that I don’t function that well at 6am. Anyways, today I had to train in a new girl on how to do that while dealing with the typical cast of characters around the station…I swear we should make a movie about it….I’ve got many fond and not so fond memories.

Other than that, tours have been going well for me, though our tour numbers are drastically down. Personally I think it’s just that we’re at the end of August and there just aren’t many tourists out and about until the Oktoberfest. I like small tours (5-15 people), but at the same time I understand the company needs good numbers (20+) at least ~4 months of the year. If I could have 10 people on every tour, I’d be one happy tour guide.

[Listening to: An Open Letter To Boston – Mark Lind & The Unloved – The Truth Can Be Brutal (2:55)]

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