Movie about guides?

So, I was given a tip to check out the trailer for a new movie about tour guides in Berlin called “Guides”.  I watched the trailer and it’s absolutely hilarious to me…it might not be to all, but worth at least checking out if you want to know what I deal with here in Munich.

 The movie is a comedy “mockumentary” about the politics of tours in Berlin.  The main guy you see in the trailer is based on a guy I’ve met here in Munich a few times, his name is Chris and he runs a company that gives free advertisement heavy tours which are scripted by, apparently, a 12 year old.  Anyways,  of other two characters in the trailer I recognize one, and from the trailer at least the film maker did a really good job.  I can’t wait to see it.  The politics of tours here is disturbing yet can be entertaining if you distance yourself from it.  Anyways, check out these links:

The trailer on youtube

The myspace site of the company that produced it, explaining “Guides”

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