Rainy days in Munich

Everyone and their dog seems to be telling me how much snow MN has gotten, but what we’ve got here is what we have normally about this time of year, temps hovering just above freezing and a constant drizzle…making for general misery.

That being said, tomorrow I’m going to Neuschwanstein most likely with 20 very random new friends from 10 different countries…all pretty miserable about the weather, but kind of in awe of the palace none the less.

If there are any random readers out there that have never been to Munich, I also want to mention that I do private tours as well, if you have odd interests for example or just want a more casual or lengthier tour, I’m your man.  Recently I was talking to other guides about top sights of the Munich area that just don’t get tourists, I’d love to take tourists to these places, but the tourists only have 2 days in town total and they’re going to Neuschwanstein with one of them, so what do you do?

For any friends/family, please understand that Petra and I have to figure out our vacations by the end of January, so if you intend to visit us or stay at our place or whatever…unfortunately we’re not that flexible after Feb 1st…before that time, we can take a few days off or whatever for free private tours no problem.

Am I the only one who wishes Led Zepplin would die already?

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