Well, it’s official, we’ve had our first snow of the year here in Munich.  In fact, a recent trip to Salzburg involved snow just about all day (it cleared up for photos in the last 1/2 hour…)

 Last week I had one tour with 43 people…well, 44 with Brendan, so that gave me an opportunity to finally snap a shot of him:
Brendan in front of Andi's imbiss

For those that don’t know, Brendan’s a fellow tour guide….he specializes in Dachau and the third Reich, which happen to be the two tours I do not do.  He’s also currently the office manager…and my guide to European sports.

Here’s another pic from the tour with Brendan:
Neuschwanstein from Ze bus stop

I’m thinking there’s going to be more train strikes on Tuesday…we’ll see.

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