Daily Archives: October 2, 2007

City tours during the Oktoberfest

With the Oktoberfest in the title, you’d hope I’d have something funny to say about a weird incident involving a tourist, alcohol, and some nasty smell…but no, not this time.

The last couple of days I’ve had city tours, Sunday I had 17 americans and today I had 3 americans and 2 kiwis (that’s a total of 5 for those of you who haven’t gotten to 2nd grade yet).  ….anyways, that’s a completely different tour, yet…well…it went about the same.  We also had about the same weather…which was damn nice.  Tips are up, YAY.  I like tips…even the kiwis tipped today.

Tomorrow we’re going to a sushi place for lunch…to see if it’s anywhere near as good as dinner there…it’s half the price…soo….hmm…I’ll report back.

Also tomorrow I’m meeting up with my friend and fellow tour guide Brendan to head over to the Wies’n and have some alcoholic beverages.  He claims he hasn’t actually gone to the fest for like 3 years…that’s kinda sad….but it IS a hell of a hassle compared to other (very similar) fests in the area…so I can understand.

Speaking of Brendan, I just realized I don’t have a damn picture of him.  I know people are camera shy (nearly everyone I know…which is just sad….come on…), but I should get one tomorrow.  In fact, I should make a point of it to take pics of all the guides the next few times I see them, just in case black mail is in order.

I’ll be drinking tomorrow, so umm, wish me luck on the tour wednesday morning 🙂

Here’s a couple pics of the fest:
beer is good

Beer, it's what's for lunch.