Finally the end of Oktoberfest

The few days have been quite regular tours.  Today’s city tour was canceled, not surprisingly really, since it was the last day of Oktoberfest today.  Technically I had two people, but they have a voucher so they can go any day the next week.  The two guys were on my tour yesterday…and so it was kinda a shame, I offered to still do the tour, but they figured, naw…so well…maybe I’ll see them on my Tuesday Munich Highlights tour.  One of the two of them is a fellow “Toytowner”…for those who don’t know, “Toytown” is referring to which is an awesome website if you ever want to move to Germany.  It started as a website for expats here in Munich and has expanded to all of Germany.  Anyways, it’s where we help each other out and hang out online.  My nickname on there is NOFXmike, which is pretty obvious I suppose.  Anyways, “3 lions” from Toytown was on my Salzburg tour yesterday…which was interesting…I rarely recognize someone when I come out to greet the tourists.

 Other than that, today Petra and I went over to the O’fest…had our oxen sandwich and garlic shrimp…and came back home,  we love the food there.

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