Rock Am See

Well, we’re up…it’s 7:55am and I’m just checking the weather, making sure I have my phone (I’ll try and do a shitty recording with it), and maybe throwing some NOFX and NIN on the mp3 stick for the car.  We’ve got a 2.5 hour drive down there, we’ll watch the show which should last til midnight, then we plan on sleeping in the car.

I think this year I want a long-sleeve shirt, not sure yet if it’ll be NOFX or Rock Am See or whatever….but I’ve noticed lately that nearly all my shirts are short sleeved…and one more option might be good.

The forecast for today is 60% chance of rain til noon…then 40% up til 6pm…then it should be clear…making it questionable.  The temperature at the moment is 57F…high today should be 64F….I’m sorta cold just thinking about being wet out there…

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